About Us

Friendship Academy is located easily off Highway 24 in the small community of Peyton, just outside Colorado Springs. We are on a beautiful 40 acres with spectacular views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding plains, less than 30 minutes from most Colorado Springs locations. We specialize in Agility training, from beginners to advanced competition level. We also offer outstanding puppy and family dog classes.

We provide a safe, comfortable training environment, with both indoor heated and outdoor training areas. More information on the training center is available via the menu at the top of the page. Please visit our Map / Location page for directions.

We have one building for puppy and obedience training (known as Building 1). It is 42' x 60' and is carpeted and heated. We also have a heated indoor agility training building (known as Building 2) which is 60' x 75' and has an artificial turf footing. Our outdoor fenced training field is 100' x 100' and also has artificial turf. The outdoor field is well lit for evening use. More detail on the facility is available on our Training Center page.

We encourage you to visit our facility and observe our classes, but please leave your dog home.

We only use positive reinforcement training methods and will not put an electronic collar on your dog!


Owner / Instructor Katrina Scott

Over 30 years of experience!

In 1998, when her advanced obedience students took an interest in agility, they asked her if she would teach it – so began a new venture. There weren’t too many opportunities in her area to take lessons but she took what she could, read every book, magazine and article she could find, attended any agility seminars that were available, and started showing her students what she learned. She is a true believer in continuous education and is always in a state of learning the newest training techniques and methods.Katrina Scott began her dog-training career at the young age of twelve when she trained and showed her moms Irish Setter in obedience. At 18 she started her own dog-training business providing private lessons, behavioral evaluations, modifications and rescue dog temperament and placement evaluations. She soon began teaching obedience classes for Von Weisenburg dog training in California.

Teaching family dog obedience classes and working with so many different breeds provided a wonderful education and allowed her to gain a very broad training knowledge of many breeds. Many of her agility students compete with “non-traditional” agility breeds.

Katrina has a keen eye for the detail to improve a team’s performance regardless of venue. She addresses issues based on individual team needs and requirements, not those of a particular method or handling system. She is a true teacher and coach. Not only is she a proven competitor, but a solid instructor, with a clear vision of each individual team. So many trainers are very successful in the sport, but fail when it comes to conveying the information to a team. Katrina is the best of both worlds - a top-notch performer, and a sophisticated trainer; able to deliver her knowledge to her students and help them reach their true potential.

To see her accomplishments in Agility, please visit her dog's pages .



Owner / Supporting Husband Greg Scott

He rented forklifts and friends to assemble the steel buildings, did all the electrical, used his tractor to grade the land and build fences, and financed most of the initial investment in FAAD.It is only with Greg's support that Katrina was able to move to Colorado and build Friendship Academy into the business it is today. Though Greg is a software developer by day, it's his handyman skills that enabled FAAD to put up almost 10,000 square feet of indoor buildings, and create a flat 10,000 square foot outdoor agility arena.

It wasn't until 2005 that he took an interest in trying agility for himself - up until that point he was just a spectator! While fostering for Rocky Mountain Border Collie Rescue, Greg took an interest in a mostly white border collie named Skye. He decided to try agility with Skye and was hooked. They continued up through the class levels quickly, and they were successfully competing at their first trial in less than a year of training.

In 2008, he had the opportunity to acquire the brother of our dog Rush, so at 10 months, he adopted "Rhett", who was renamed to "Rip" when he arrived in Colorado, and began training his 2nd dog in agility. Read about Greg's dogs on their pages.


Katelyn Scott

Bonpawz Pet Services

At 20 years old she’s been training dogs for 15 years with the help of her mother and mentor Katrina Scott of Friendship Academy. Katelyn has a passion for teaching people the language of their beloved pets and believes in positive reinforcement to create a strong bond. She currently competes in the sport of Dog agility with her 3 year old Border collie Carbon. She also has an 11 year old Papillon who is now retired and a 1 year old Papillon who is getting ready to compete.